Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching & Consulting

What if I'm not satisfied with the work we do together?

I have helped many business leaders achieve their goals, and I know I can help you. This is why I want to make it a no-brainer for you to at least give it a go. If you aren't completely satisfied with the work we do in the first 30 days, I'll refund 100% of your monthly investment - no questions asked.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

I sure do. It's a 30 day money back guarantee. I have always let my work speak for itself. Since starting my business in 2015 I have never had a client stop working with me due to dissatisfaction with the service offering.

How long do I need to commit to working with you?
If you are in my coaching or consulting program, there is no fixed commitment outside of the month to month arrangement - meaning you can stop working with me at any time. I have always let my work speak for itself, which is why I have never asked for multiple months commitment from any client.
When do you invoice and what are your payment terms?

My coaching and consulting clients will receive in invoice on the 10th of each month. Payments terms are 7 calendar days from date of invoice. For workshops and team off-sites, these will be invoiced within 24 hours of delivering the service.

What process do I follow if I am unhappy with any aspects of your service delivery?

The phrase I end all podcast episodes with is 'the best outcome is on the other side of a genuine conversation'. This is what I live by every day (although I'm far from perfect!). I also ask anybody I work with to live by it as well. What I mean is if there is anything that isn't working for you or you aren't sure about, it's always about having a genuine conversation first. When that happens, the right outcome will come out of it.

Do you have any other team members that I will be working with or will all my dealings be directly with you?

All coaching and consulting work is 100% with me directly. I do not use anybody else to run any part of my coaching or consulting business. My accountant does all my invoicing and she sends them out via email on the 10th of each month. The only time you would interact with her is if you don't pay your bills! I have a business partner, VA's and other contractors that are involved in various parts of my business - but none are directly involved in any aspect of coaching and consulting for my clients. 

Will you divert from your PEOPLE system as needed to provide guidance with specific issues that arise for my company?
Absolutely! Weekly coaching sessions are always about your needs first and foremost. I start most of my sessions with 'what's on your mind?' or 'what makes a great session for you today?' From there, we focus on what's necessary to make it a great session for you. We then end most session with 'what action/s will you take in the next 7 days to move forward?'. The PEOPLE system is a leadership development coaching structure I have created so that I can always relate work we do back into a framework. It also provides a structure to my digital products to be able to help even more leaders and business owners.
Do you assist with new approaches we discuss, for example, involved in the interviewing of new candidates or running meetings?

My role is to coach and support you (and challenge you) with your development. Where appropriate, I can observe interviews and meetings to help with feedback (this is often through watching a Zoom or MS Team recording). The most common scenario is we role play any new approach (including an interview or meeting) as much as needed to help you feel confident moving forward.

What is the duration of the one-on-one weekly sessions?
These normally range between 30-60 mins. It is important to note, depending on the matter under discussion we go for as long as we need to get clear action (next 7 days) and for you to feel like you can move forward. I will never take the approach of ending a session abruptly because time is up. It's why I never schedule regular coaching calls back to back. The only time where this could happen is if you have to reschedule our regular weekly session and the only time you have available is between other sessions I may have.
Do you offer 24/7 support?

My coaching system is a web-based platform called Upcoach. Everything we do is added/contained in that system (meetings, workshop documents, assessments, coaching session notes/summaries, habits, to-do's, etc). You have 24/7 access to this and lifetime access after working with me for 12 months. The cost to run this system is fully covered by me - even if we stop working together after 12 months. You are also free to email me anytime or call my mobile between normal business hours (or if arranged prior outside of business hours). There is no limit to calls or emails. My sole purpose is to provide the support you need, when you need it.

Does your coaching program include tips for writing and delivering speeches?
Yes - influence is a key practice in leadership, and a key element of influence is effective communication. I have been heavily involved in Toastmasters since 2018. I also use a AI Speaking Coach tool when necessary to help my clients in this area. Here is a link to an article that surprised me as I don't really advertise this part of my business specifically (just made the top 10 list!) -
Is there content in your program around networking? For example, face-to-face networking, when I’m genuinely interested in the person and their work and would like to explore a collaborative opportunity with them?

My PEOPLE system definitely includes relationships and connection (which effective networking is based on). Influence is also one of the puzzle pieces in this. I am involved in running a large networking community on the Central Coast (called LinkedInLocal Central Coast - I have also been engaged by Business Chambers to facilitate networking events. I am known for my network building and ability to connect and develop trusted business relationships and to facilitate these as well. To share one example, I introduced two business owners at one of our events and that relationship developing brought about a $1 million per year national agreement between the two businesses.    

If there are contacts in your network that I may be able to create a mutually beneficial professional relationship with, would you consider facilitating an introduction?
Absolutely. If there is a specific expertise you need to progress your business then I will recommend and connect you with the right people in my network.
How many coaching or consulting clients do you typically work with at any one time?

 Over the years I have found that anywhere between 6-8 weekly coaching or consulting clients to be the ideal number. This gives me the space to prioritise their needs, run 1-2 day quarterly off-sites for them where leadership teams are in place, run workshops as needed for this client group, and any other bespoke requests I get to run workshops for past coaching clients (or one-off scenarios). It also ensures I leave space for podcasting, YouTube channel and growing my digital product suite in order to help more leaders and business owners.

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