Team Workshops

Why would you consider a ‘team’ workshop?

Well, it comes back to the word, and acronym of ‘TEAM’. Together Everyone Achieves More!

Developing into a high performing team, can only be achieved by spending deliberate time together. Workshops are the perfect way to be deliberate about that time, and harness the power of everyone, to achieve more in your leadership development.

Team workshops are a powerful platform to:

  • Develop team clarity, alignment and cohesiveness
  • Improve your ability to listen and understand your fellow team members
  • Learn from a variety of experiences and stories
  • Develop your self-confidence in speaking and communicating
  • Build and enhance individual team member relationships
  • Develop the critical leadership skill of giving and receiving feedback

Note: All workshops are elements of The PEOPLE system and are fully customisable to suit the requirements of your organisation.

Build a Cohesive Team

Do you want to be a more effective leader and lead a less dysfunctional team?

Yep! Well, this is the workshop for you and your team.

During the workshop, we will create conversations to:

  • Leverage each person's strengths, understand our weaknesses and how we improve our interactions
  • Raise awareness of the impact of each person’s behaviour on the team
  • Understand and identify team dysfunction, the areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
  • Create visibility of what’s most important to the team and the ‘high return activities’ to focus on
  • Build a team meeting discipline that avoids the ‘meetings sins’

This 2 day workshop sets the foundation for you to move forward as a more confident and effective leader, and to lead a less dysfunctional team.

Note: This workshop must be conducted offsite, away from normal workplace distractions.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard

Develop Your Strategy (1 day)

Depending on what study you read, up to 90% of organisations fail to execute their strategies.

If strategic planning is merely establishing and documenting a direction for your business, then why do most organisations fail to implement?

Because they look too far ahead!

In this 1 day workshop, we establish and document your 1-page strategy (i.e. direction for your business) for the next 12 months.

During the day, we get clarity and alignment around some key questions:

  • What’s the purpose of the team?
  • What does success look like?
  • How will we measure it?
  • What do we need to focus on?
  • How will we execute and who is responsible?

We will also learn the weekly meeting discipline required to ensure the strategy is executed.

This full day workshop sets you and your team up for being one of only 10% of teams who actually execute their strategy.

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do”– Michael E. Porter

Evoke Projects with Brendan Rogers

Embrace Working Styles (½ day)

How can we interact better as a team?

Easy! Learn your working style and the working style of each of your team members.

Increasing the knowledge of each other's working styles (or working genius) improves both personal and professional relationships, communication becomes more effective and personality conflicts are greatly reduced.

Each participant will complete a workplace profile assessment prior to the workshop.

Your comprehensive report containing each participant's personalised analysis for interpretation and reflection will be provided at the workshop.

Key Outcomes:

  • Increased level of self-awareness
  • Improved team performance (learn to leverage team members strengths)
  • Understand your strengths, struggles and relationship keys
  • Learn future development areas and with a personal action plan to implement

“Individual skills are not what matters. What matters is the interaction.” – Daniel Coyle

Become a Team Player (½ day)

The success of any team depends on the success of each individual team member.

Given that every team is made up of individual team members, don’t you think it’s important that every person on the team is a great team player?

We’ve all worked with ‘that’ team member who’s great at their job, but they regularly upset fellow team members through either what they say or how they act. You feel like you’re always cleaning up after them!

What about ‘that’ team member who’s great fun to socialize with. They’re charismatic and often the life of the party, but they’re lazy at work. You have to chase them up consistently to complete their work.

What about ‘that’ team member who only thinks of themselves? Everything they do has the intent of how they benefit from it. They actively do whatever they can to make other team members look bad. You keep them on the team because often they’re good at their job!

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Behaviours that all great team players possess
  • To assess yourself and develop a personal improvement plan
  • How to identify great team player behaviours in others
  • How to coach team members to become great team players

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." – Phil Jackson

The Glen for Women

Identify 'Real' Core Values (½ day)

Do you want to spend weeks or months and tens of thousands of dollars with a consultant to uncover your organisation or teams ‘real’ core values?

If you do, then you better find yourself a different consultant!

If you want to achieve it in half a day, at a fraction of the cost, then this workshop is for you!

And, if you think it can’t be done in half a day, tell that to the many leaders and teams who have already done it. They now have the clarity and structure they need to embrace behavioural accountability for themselves and their team.

During the workshop, you’ll be skilfully led through three key questions allowing you to filter down to a few ‘real’ core values (behaviours).

Leaders often say, “I didn’t know three simple questions could be so powerful and long lasting”.

Without clarity of what your ‘real’ core values are, you will never build the culture you wish you had! 

Key Outcomes:

  • Clarity and commitment to three ‘real’ core values
  • A framework for behavioural accountability
  • A framework for coaching & feedback conversations

“Culture is what people do when no one is looking.” – Herb Kelleher


Better PEOPLE. Better Leaders. Better Teams. Better Culture. Better Results.

Creating Confident Leaders in the workplace requires a deliberate and dedicated focus on PEOPLE. That's why, at Leader By Design, our leadership development framework is P.E.O.P.L.E.  After 25+ years in leadership roles across business and sport, our world first P.E.O.P.L.E. system has been built from the ground up based on 'real-life' experience and a perpetual process of self-improvement.

Building better PEOPLE, requires strong foundations. For Leaders to stand strong, they must PLANT both feet on the ground. This means understanding your own strengths and struggles, your motivations, your listening and communication styles, what drives your decisions, and how all these impact you and those around you.

Once you develop the foundation, i.e. PLANT your feet, you can then use what you have learnt to EDUCATE yourself and become a life-long student of leadership. Leveraging the foundations, and linking these to your relationships, experiences and exploring leadership content that aligns with your development needs, underpins the EDUCATE cog in The PEOPLE system and allows you to lead, authentically.

Building better PEOPLE, involves understanding the 'nitty gritty' of how we must OPERATE to lead. Creating standards and seeking clarity and alignment around these standards is critical. This is across our behaviours, performance goals, roles & responsibilities and people processes, as well as how we interact with our team and build a feedback culture. Without the knowledge to OPERATE, you can't lead, effectively.

What we PRACTICE is central to evolving from being a good leader, to becoming a great leader. There are 8 key PRACTICES leaders must become highly competent in. Without these, a leader can never function at their highest leadership potential. It's our consistent daily habits focused around the 8 key PRACTICES that will move you into the leadership stratosphere. Underpinning PRACTICE, is the mindset of progress over perfection.

The disciplines and behaviours to lead are simple. The greatest challenge leaders have is learning to LEAD, consistently. We create a standard for your leadership expectations, and build accountability frameworks to support it. Accountability drives results, and that is how you are ultimately measured as a leader. Through continuous application, you will LEAD with influence.

Lifting those around you to reach their greatest potential, is the pinnacle of leadership. In this cog of The PEOPLE system, we teach Leaders how to 'ELEVATE' others. Doing this ensures continued growth of the leadership capability within your organisation, which should always be a critical element of your leadership development strategy.

Invest in Your Team

A team is only as good as its individual team members. Our workshops are fully aligned with our leadership development framework (The PEOPLE System) and will ensure each team member is developed to help create a high performing.

Team workshops are a powerful platform to:

  • Develop team clarity, alignment and cohesiveness
  • Improve your ability to listen and understand your fellow team members
  • Learn from a variety of experiences and stories
  • Develop your self-confidence in speaking and communicating
  • Build and enhance individual team member relationships
  • Develop the critical leadership skill of giving and receiving feedback

Note: Additional workshops are available covering all aspects of The PEOPLE System and can be customised to meet the needs of your team and organisation.

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If you want to lead a high performing team, you must invest in your team.

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